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Commercial Service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Iowa
Grassland Solutions

Being among the leading fence contractors for commercial fencing, we recognize the importance of safety in all our endeavors. At Grassland Solutions, we not only adhere to industry safety standards but go above and beyond to surpass safety requirements.

About Us

Grassland Solutions has been using the no-dig method before its mainstream recognition. Our team also is renowned for being consistently punctual.

From the beginning in 1988, as fence contractors, we’ve always strived to have a reputation for meeting deadlines and getting things done on time including services specializing in fencing. 

Our fence contractor teams operate across the country, delivering top-notch services in the installation of commercial, industrial, and governmental fencing, noise reduction barriers, and site preparation.

Grassland Solutions' Project Showcase

Grassland Solutions Resources helps families transform their yards into impressive, magazine-worthy spaces. Take a look at a few of our highlighted fence projects below.

Top Contractor Services

Noise-Reduction Fencing

We install durable noise-reduction barriers, walls, and fencing.

Event & Construction Fencing

We install temporary fencing for events and construction sites.

Snow & Ice Management

We provide snow and ice management & removal.

Custom Security Fence & Gates

We design, fabricate & install custom security solutions.


Industries We Serve

• Local & Federal Governments

• Property Management

• Parking Facilities

• Aerospace & Aviation

• Corporate Campuses

• Healthcare Facilities

• Cannabis Facilities

• Multi-Family Dwellings

• Gas Metering, Compression, & Regulating Facilities

• Assisted Living

• Public & Private Schools

• Universities

• Retail Stores

• Warehouse/Fulfillment Centers

• Manufacturing Plants

• Electrical Transmission & Electrical Substations

• Restaurants

• Religious/Spiritual

• Many Other Industries

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