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Noise Reduction Barriers

Noise reduction solutions bring forth numerous advantages for both residential and commercial properties. Primarily, they contribute to the establishment of a peaceful and tranquil environment by significantly diminishing external noise pollution. This proves particularly beneficial for properties situated near bustling roads, industrial zones, or urban areas where persistent noise can be a disruptive factor. Through the efficient blocking or absorption of sound waves, noise reduction fencing enhances the overall comfort and well-being of occupants, allowing them to relish a quieter living or working space.

Beyond the enhancement of quality of life, noise reduction barriers also serve as a means of ensuring privacy. The dense structure of these walls acts not only as a sound barrier but also as a visual shield, thwarting prying eyes and minimizing the transmission of sound beyond the property boundaries. This heightened privacy contributes to an increased sense of security and seclusion, rendering noise reduction solutions an ideal choice for residential yards, outdoor living spaces, or commercial areas where privacy is a priority. Ultimately, noise reduction fencing and barriers deliver the dual benefits of diminishing noise pollution and providing privacy, thereby cultivating a more serene and enjoyable environment for occupants.

Other Types of Noise Reduction Solutions

Sound Wall Barriers

Sound wall barriers offer significant benefits for noise reduction in various settings. Firstly, they effectively block or absorb sound waves, reducing the impact of noise pollution from nearby roads, highways, or industrial areas. This creates a quieter and more peaceful environment, enhancing the overall comfort and well-being of individuals in residential, commercial, or public spaces.

Additionally, sound wall barriers provide visual privacy along with their noise reduction capabilities. They act as a physical barrier, preventing outsiders from viewing or accessing the protected area. This privacy feature is especially valuable for residential properties, outdoor recreational spaces, or commercial settings where confidentiality or seclusion is desired.

Overall, sound wall barriers offer the advantages of noise reduction and visual privacy, contributing to a more tranquil and secluded atmosphere. They help create a more enjoyable living or working environment, ensuring peace of mind and enhancing the overall quality of life for individuals in both residential and commercial settings.

Wooden Sound Barriers

Our wooden sound barriers exemplify a sophisticated post and panel system, comprising prefabricated, preservative treated wood framed panels expertly supported by equally treated posts. The prefabricated panels boast preservative treatment and come in varying widths of 8, 12, or 16 feet, and are thoughtfully encased on both sides with preservative treated exterior-rated 4’x 8’ Texture 1-11 plywood, ensuring optimal protection against environmental elements. Each panel is meticulously crafted with a thickness of approximately 2 ¾ inches, firmly anchored to the posts within channels thoughtfully fashioned by pressure treated 4” x 4” cleats, skillfully positioned in parallel alignment with the supporting posts.

Our sound barriers, reliant on pressure-treated posts, offer steadfast support to the panels at exposed heights of up to 24 feet (with potential extension up to 30 feet under specific conditions). Each post is carefully embedded into the ground, reaching a depth equivalent to about half the exposed height of the barrier, and subsequently fortified through backfilling with either crushed stone or concrete, ensuring structural integrity and stability.

Our wooden sound barriers present a formidable and long-lasting solution, making them a reliable choice for various applications requiring robust and enduring sound mitigation measures.


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