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Noise Reduction Barriers

Noise reduction solutions bring forth numerous advantages for both residential and commercial properties. Primarily, they contribute to the establishment of a peaceful and tranquil environment by significantly diminishing external noise pollution. This proves particularly beneficial for properties situated near bustling roads, industrial zones, or urban areas where persistent noise can be a disruptive factor. Through the efficient blocking or absorption of sound waves, noise reduction fencing enhances the overall comfort and well-being of occupants, allowing them to relish a quieter living or working space.

Beyond the enhancement of quality of life, noise reduction barriers also serve as a means of ensuring privacy. The dense structure of these walls acts not only as a sound barrier but also as a visual shield, thwarting prying eyes and minimizing the transmission of sound beyond the property boundaries. This heightened privacy contributes to an increased sense of security and seclusion, rendering noise reduction solutions an ideal choice for residential yards, outdoor living spaces, or commercial areas where privacy is a priority. Ultimately, noise reduction fencing and barriers deliver the dual benefits of diminishing noise pollution and providing privacy, thereby cultivating a more serene and enjoyable environment for occupants.

Other Types of Privacy Fence Solutions

Steel Privacy Fence

Our Steel Privacy Fences start with a 5″ galvanized steel post every 8′ and then framed to hold the steel panels. This is a great option to match your existing siding and make the fence look as though it is a continuation of your home. A Steel Privacy Fence provides many years of privacy due to the steel construction.

Wooden Privacy Fences

Our Wooden Privacy Fences are built using 5″ galvanized steel posts every 8′ with 1 1/4″ horizontal treated boards stacked between to create a solid privacy fence that will last for many years to come. Our wooden privacy fence provides a natural aesthetic while also providing a wind and sound barrier from neighboring properties or roadways. Wooden Privacy Fences can be customized in height to provide more security as needed.

Privacy Fencing Installations

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Our Privacy Fence Solution Clients

Grassland Solutions completes privacy fence solution installation for various commercial, industrial, and government clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nationwide. 

• General Contractors

• Property Management

• Construction Management

• Shopping Centers

• Medical Facilities

• Apartment Complexes

• Property Developers

• Airports

• Pharmaceutical Plants

• Chemical Plants

• Industrial Vacant Land

• Refineries

• Substations

• Nuclear Plants

• Manufacturing Plants

• Solar Fields

• Power Plants

• Gas Monitoring Facilities

• Public & Private Schools

• Municipalities

• DOT Facilities

• Federal Bases

• NASA Facilities

• Government Facilities

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