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Custom Fencing

At Grassland Solutions, we offer diverse fence materials to transform your vision of a personalized fence into a reality. Whether you’re contemplating a blend of various materials or seeking distinctive touches such as decorative trim or caps, we’ve got you covered.

The potential for crafting a truly unique fence is practically limitless. Inspired by platforms like Pinterest and guided by the limitless creativity of our skilled craftsmen, we are adept at translating your fence-style concepts into reality. Simply communicate your vision with us, and our team will skillfully bring your distinctive fence creation to life, meticulously tailored to your specifications and preferences.

custom fencing

Custom Fence Pricing

How Much Does A Custom Fence Cost?

The cost of a custom fence will be based on several factors that include:

Custom Fence Install Style

Height of Fence

Linear Feet To Install

Number of Gates to Install

Type of Gate to Install

Additional Fence Accessories

Removal of Existing Fence

Location of Fence Project

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Our Process Is Simple



Get A Free On-Site Consultation

We will come out to meet with you to help you decide on your material choice, design layout, and to answer all your questions.


Get A Detailed Proposal

Proposal Sent For Your Review

We will email you the quote along with your specific design layout, our project terms, and all product warranty information.


Get Your Fence Installed

Get Your Fence Installed

We will coordinate everything needed to ensure your fence installation goes smoothly from start to finish.


Enjoy Your New Fence

Enjoy Your New Fence

Thank you for trusting Grassland Solutions with your fence project! We hope you enjoy your new fence.

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