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Ranch & Farm Fencing

Ranch and horse fencing, also known as farm or rail fencing, provides a versatile solution for property enclosure. This type of fencing can be crafted from wood or wire, presenting a variety of styles to suit different preferences. Available in heights ranging from 3 to 4 feet, our ranch and horse fencing options come with additional features like wire additions, ensuring the utmost security for both your property and pets. The installation of ranch rail fencing can be customized with 2, 3, or 4 rails.

When contemplating the ideal fence style for your project, several factors should be considered. These include the size of the area to be fenced, the type of animals to be contained, and the intended functionality of the fence. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the most suitable options to guarantee the safety and security of your livestock.

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Horse Board Fencing

Board fences are a classic and timeless fencing option that is ideal for rural properties, consisting of horizontal boards attached to wood or steel posts, creating a strong and durable barrier that can withstand pressure from large animals. Board fences are typically made from wood; but when pairing steel posts and wooden boards, you can increase the strength and longevity without compromising on aesthetics. Board rail offers a natural and rustic look that complements the surrounding landscape and adds to the charm of rural property. With proper maintenance, a well-built ranch board fence can last for decades, making it a popular and practical choice for farmers, ranchers, and homeowners alike.

Electric High Tensile Fencing

Electric fences are one of the most economical fence types for your farm. Electric fences act as a psychological barrier for your animals and allow for a fence that doesn’t reduce the view of your land.

Coated High Tensile Wire Systems

Are you looking for a cost-effective option for your horse while also providing high visibility, safety, and minimal maintenance? Coated High Tensile Wire (Centaur Wire) provides a flexible, high-strength, and aesthetically pleasing option for containing your horse, ponies, or donkeys.

Pairing White Lightning and Centaur’s Poly ProPlus non-conductive coated wire will result in an electric fence that not only looks great while keeping a budget in mind but also is safe for your animals for many years to come. This option is available in White, Black, or Brown.

Pairing Centaur’s HTP Rail and HotRail provide a much longer-lasting alternative to traditional wood board fences while not compromising on safety for your horses. Electrifying this fence increases longevity and prevents cribbing behaviors that can be exhibited on woodboard fences.

Woven Wire Fencing

Woven Wire is a fence wire that has both horizontal as well as vertical wires that provide a cost-effective wire fence with wire options to suit all animal species. Have an idea in your mind that you want to see on your property? Let us know and we will happily work with you to make those dreams come true and set your fence apart from everyone else’s!

Woven Wire is not only great for keeping animals in but also can provide a great method of keeping animals out of your garden by using 7 or 8’ woven wire.
1348-2 and 1348-12 both provide a secure fence and are our recommendations for any woven wire fence containing horses or goats. Not only with it provide a safe fence for your animals but also provides a stunning fence every time you drive by.
949-12, 949-6, 842-12, and 842-6 are all great cost-effective options for sheep and cattle. When paired with an electric top wire, this fence will provide you with a highly secure, cost-effective fence that will require minimal maintenance.

1775-3 and 2096-3 are both great options for keeping animals such as deer and rabbits out of your garden and your produce! Not so worried about rabbits? 1775-6 and 2096-3 all provide deer protection while also being cost-effective.

Farm Fence Pricing

How Much Does Farm Fencing Cost?

The cost of farm fencing will be based on several factors that include:

Farm Fence Install Style

Height of Fence

Linear Feet To Install

Number of Gates to Install

Type of Gate to Install

Additional Fence Accessories

Removal of Existing Fence

Location of Fence Project

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