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Grassland Solutions
Putting Safety First Is No Accident.
Safety Is Our Most Important Core Value

Without safety, we cannot perform the work we do for the clients we serve. Our dedication to safety training and safety awareness helps us protect our employees and our clients alike.

Commitment To A Safe Work Environment

Our clients range from small general contractors to high-end, multi-billion dollar organizations. Each one of our team members is dedicated to operating safely for all of our clients, regardless of size.

We implement one of the most rigorous Safety Programs in the industry. We perform daily safety talks for each and every shift, perform weekly toolbox talks, and participate in multi-industry “safety stand-down’s” throughout the year. We also perform periodic, unannounced safety inspections on our jobsites. All incidents and near misses are meticulously analyized to uncover root causes.

Work Safety
jobsite safety
Commercial Fence Contractor
OSHA Certified

Exceeding Safety Minimums

In fostering a robust safety culture, the Grassland Solutions prioritizes the well-being of its personnel and stakeholders, recognizing safety as a paramount value, integral to every facet of its operations. This commitment is reflected in comprehensive safety protocols, regular training programs, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology to mitigate risks. The company promotes open communication channels, encouraging employees at all levels to actively participate in identifying and addressing potential hazards. Continuous improvement is ingrained in the safety culture, with regular reviews and updates to policies and procedures based on lessons learned and industry best practices. Leadership sets the tone by exemplifying a commitment to safety, fostering a sense of shared responsibility among all team members. By integrating safety measures into daily operations and instilling a mindset that prioritizes well-being, Grassland Solutions not only meets regulatory standards but also creates a work environment where everyone feels empowered to contribute to a safer workplace.

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